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History of Kenya

The Independent Republic of Kenya was formed in 1964.

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Brad and Cherie Catron founded Foothold International in 2011, but their story leading them to the red streets of Kenya began in 2004. Both Brad & Cherie were involved with international ministries when they met. Brad had been working part-time for a missions organization leading short-term mission trips to Toronto, Tanzania, Kenya and Ukraine while Cherie was just beginning to venture overseas. Her first mission trip was to China, but her lifelong dream was to work in Africa.  Three months after they married in 2005, they went on their first international mission trip together to Ukraine, but it wasn’t until a year later that they had the opportunity together to lead a team of North Americans to Kenya. Since their first trip to Kenya together in 2006, Brad & Cherie knew they were called to work in sub-Saharan Africa.


Small organizations and individuals have a unique advantage over large organizations.  While there are many large non-profit organizations with exemplary records of accountability and financial transparency, a small organization has the flexibility to give partners and supporters the opportunity to go directly to see the people who benefit from the organization’s projects and bring pictures, stories, and artifacts that allow partners to be more involved in the work being done.


Foothold International is goverened by a Board of Directors who are responsible for the oversight of operations. Each board member is directly involved in the organization, and has worked toward the common goals of the organization.

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